U.S. Hypocrisy: How Can the United States Question North Korea’s Violation of Human Rights

 Hypocrisy:  How Can the United States Question North Korea’s Violation of Human Rights By James L. Walker, Jr.  (@jameslwalkeresq)(jjwalker@walkerandassoc.com) ATLANTA – My Country ‘Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty! Freedom was a word that was once leaned on as the great attraction of the United States of America. Recently, freedom has lost its teeth as […]

Vernon Forrest: Another victim to a senseless homicide in the black community and America: when will we have a serious dialogue or town hall meeting on this Crisis?

By James L. Walker, Jr., Esq. Less than 24 hours ago, authorities in Atlanta reported the death of one of the most successful boxers of the last decade, Mr. Vernon Forrest. Forrest, 41-3, a former two-division champion, who rose to fame by beating Sugar Shane Mosley, was shot to death in an attempted robbery when […]

Michael Jackson Will Unveiled

The will for Michael Jackson has been filed in a Los Angeles courthouse.  It is a relatively simple and straightforward will. It comes as no surprise that Mr. Jackson names his mother, Katherine Jackson guardian of his children. What may surprise some, is that Jackson names Diana Ross as a back-up guardian. Surprisingly, none of […]

Attorney Walker on the OJ Simpson Case

Having covered the OJ trial and mishaps over the years and watched his Hall of Fame football career as one of the greatest running backs of all time, I must tell you the story of Orenthal James Simpson is a sad Greek or rather African-American tragedy. It has divided us as a nation, a people […]